Welcome to Our Spirited Life!
With ‘spirit’ meaning our vital animating essence, and ‘life’ being our very existence, we are here to engage and entertain you, enlighten and empower you, include and inspire you – because living without spirit isn’t really living at all, it is simply existing.

With relatable, humorous, irreverent conversation around real life issues which affect women over 50, each guest has been specially chosen to give wonderful insights and tips into how they live a truly spirited life, while being brave enough to be vulnerable and speak openly about the challenges they have faced and overcome.


Season One

Debbie Webber:

“A Sense of Who I Am”

Debbie is a mother, wife, paediatric occupational therapist – and my oldest friend. We have known each other since 11 years of age, it’s such a blessing to have someone to share the rollercoaster of life, especially someone so beautifully emotionally intelligent!

Yvonne Bignall:

“Unravelling the ‘Shoulds’”

Yvonne, an Award Winning Women’s Health Advocate and Self-Care Coach, inspires women to confidently live a healthy life!

This gorgeous woman literally exudes a bright sunny energy, which lights up the day!

Ann Malloy:

“I Think She’s The One!”

Ann describes herself as an ‘ordinary’ woman (we might disagree!), meeting her ‘growing edge’ – the meaning of which she explains during our conversation.

Fanny Snaith:

“Money Matters. It Really Does.”

With her vivacious personality Fanny makes all things financial huge fun while sharing great wisdom around such an important element of our lives and wellbeing (and it’s not about spreadsheets).

Julia Goodman:

“Performing Into The Void.”

Some of you may recognise Julia from her days as an actress (The Brothers, Glory Glory Days, lots of TV and Shakespeare). In our conversation, Julia speaks eloquently about the chaos of life’s journey and her passion for connecting and creating confidence.