Hi, I’m Susie Mackie

In everything I do, I believe in the empowerment of women.

I am dedicated to encouraging and enabling women to become more confident in who they ARE as well as what they DO. This has a powerful, often life-changing effect, which benefits not only women themselves, but those who are close to them both at home and at work.

Why? Because living without self-esteem isn’t really living at all, it is simply existing.

Our feelings about ourselves affect almost every aspect of our experience of life, from how we function as a partner, parent, or at work, to how we respond to life’s challenges. Our responses reflect our thoughts and feelings about who and what we are, therefore clearly our level of self-worth will impact our life. Let’s make sure this impact is a positive one.

Simply existing is not enough – but we can change this!

Low self-worth and fragile boundaries can have disastrous consequences; I know this only too well, but I’ve used my own adversity to channel my energy into learning to thrive, and it is my mission to enable others to do the same.

My photography and work with ‘Women of Spirit’ reflect my heartfelt passion that we all deserve to feel good about ourselves. Through body-confidence photography, I create authentic portraits that capture the essence, the inner beauty, of my clients.

Drawing on my personal and professional experiences, my purpose is for women to know their real worth and to encourage them towards self-love and self-empowerment.

Why? Well, as a little girl my teachers described me as a confident, generous, and warm-hearted child who loved to be a leader or a helper. Then I went to high school and this was all knocked out of me. I was taught to obey and to respect my elders simply because they were my elders – regardless of the way they treated me.

I was living life according to their expectations, not my own, and I was so far from living an authentic life and fulfilling my own potential that I never truly felt happy or fulfilled – and my relationships were disastrous!

So for me, it’s about empathy – I know only too well the consequences low self-worth has on your life, on the choices you make, and how these have a major impact on other areas of your life, particularly health, relationships, and finances.

Now, I no longer simply survive, I thrive – and I want to help you thrive too.
I believe it is never too late for anyone to become happy and fulfilled, and to TRULY

A Few Random Facts About Me

  • I love people (and now, I even love me!)
  • I adore my beautiful daughters, they are just the BEST – kind to people yet don’t take any crap. I’m so proud of them!
  • In love with ‘the image’, both creating it and looking at it. (Bit of a sucker for a pretty picture; naff is SO not me.)
  • Bouncy. Positively Tiggerish really. Both in that I love FUN and that I now have emotional ‘bouncebackability’; a good skill to develop in life!
  • Love to laugh (I even discovered a new laugh once I believed in my worth!)
  • Believe that a little naughtiness can be a positive thing – I deliver a whole talk on ‘the art of indulgence’!
  • My primary love language according to Dr. Gary Chapman is ‘touch’. Last is ‘receiving gifts’ (but I do actually also love gifts, so a hug and a gift is just about perfect).
  • Incredibly grateful that chocolate is good for you. (The very dark stuff mostly, so I’m also grateful that that’s the kind I like.)
  • Work hard – but love what I do, so it’s ok.
  • Surroundings affect my soul.
  • Love looking up when walking under a tree. Try it – it’s a whole new world!!
  • Wonderment is part of me – am known to say WOW! most days. Maybe that’s one of the things that keep me young.
  • Music moves me. Up or down. I mostly stick with up (Play Whitney Houston’s ‘Step by Step’ – super uplifting; no way can you not dance!)
  • Been there, am SO DONE with anxiety and stress. Now fulfilling my own potential and choosing to ENJOY my life – and it feels FABULOUS!
  • I believe that learning is for life, that it is NEVER too late; I’m SO grateful for all the lessons that life has taught me, even if they hurt like hell at the time. Gratitude is a life-changer; if you don’t have a pretty Gratitude Journal by your bed, treat yourself to one!

Some of

my achievements

  • BA (Hons) First Class Photography.
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
  • Ladies First Professional Development ‘Advocate for Women’ Award 2018
  • Woman & Home Magazine Amazing Women Awards 2019:
    Finalist in the ‘IMPROVING OUR ENVIRONMENT’ category in recognition of
    work encouraging women to make their world a better place.
  • One of Hotter Shoes’ ‘Inspirational Women’.

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