Julia Goodman

“Performing Into The Void.”

Some of you may recognise Julia from her days as an actress (The Brothers, Glory Glory Days, lots of TV and Shakespeare). In our conversation, Julia speaks eloquently about the chaos of life’s journey and her passion for connecting and creating confidence.

Julia’s had an amazing life – so far! She openly shares some of her life’s challenges and experiences and her fabulous wisdom learned from these.

Our conversation includes:

  • how she went from £90 a week on social security when not acting to turning over her first million in three years by creating a world leading communication coaching company.
  • using her strong ability to visualise how she and life might be in the future when approaching a crossroads. Having a passion which you emotionally feel good about.
  • why acting is not about ego, it’s a feeling, when you feel emotionally connected with your audience.
  • how fear is a great driver
  • why ‘meeting yourself’ is so important
  • why she once wore a pair of ‘Agent Provocateur’ knickers on her head

Website: www.personalpresentation.com

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/juliagoodmanpp

Facebook: julia.goodman.3154

Instagram: confident_anywhere

Twitter: juliagoodman4

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