Dinah Jefferies

“Bringing Things Into Being.”

…with author of the most beautiful bestselling novels, Dinah Jefferies. A truly powerful storyteller, Dinah’s books are Sunday times bestsellers, Richard and Judy picks and published in no less than 28 foreign languages.

Dinah speaks openly about the reality of being an ‘older’ author. Her authenticity and willingness to show vulnerability both in her life story and her writing will certainly inspire you.

Our conversation includes:

  • starting writing at the age of 60 and how it was a learning experience.
  • having no idea what she was doing but doing it anyway
  • getting involved with her characters and feeling what they feel
  • being a workaholic – and the impact of that on her ‘self’
  • booting the doubter out
  • why fear is a good thing in your work
  • dealing with mean reviewers!
  • the often brutal process of editing



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