Rosemary Smith

“Talking CRAP.”

…with positivity personified Rosemary Smith. A bubbly and hugely positive woman who just twinkles, Rosemary has faced life with bravery and humour, using common sense and determination to overcome huge obstacles in her path.

Facing a great deal of adversity and abuse from an early age created patterns in her adult life of not expecting to be loved.

However, some spark within Rosemary discovered survival mechanisms during the really bad times and, after these, a true ‘thrive’ perspective.

Rosemary has been a mentor on positivity, confidence-building, and countering the “inner critic” for over a decade, working extensively with those leaving prison and those who have lost their identity, courage, and the often elusive ‘spark’ within.

Our conversation includes:

  • on being an opsimath
  • why learning for life and not being afraid of making mistakes is so important
  • why ‘CRAP’ is all you need to succeed
  • taking steps ‘over the river’
  • choosing a new mother

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